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At Called to Freedom Fellowship our desire is for you to know the love that God has for you, that Jesus Christ is magnified, and that you are encouraged to walk in the love and victory that the Father has planned for you, that Jesus has qualified you for, and that the Holy Spirit has equipped you with.  We encourage you to stand up in the place that God has called you to with meekness and boldness, wisdom and grace, love and kindness.  Thank you so much for visiting and we pray that through our ministry that you will sense, know, and experience the presence of Jesus Christ!
Word of the Lord to Pastor Bob
June 22. 2014
What hearest thou in the wind?                                                                                            

Turn your ear to hear what is in the wind.

            First wind:

I hear the mouth void of understanding. I hear the tongue of the unlearned speaking foolishly.


I will set you above it. Even as you sit here above it upon the roof, so shall I set my people, who have loved my voice, above the tongue of the unrighteous kings. I will shake the mouths of men, even the nations to see what words shall come forth from them…to see who has kept the words of My mouth. I listen for the words of those in My kingdom, so shall they be established. The voices of those that rise against Me shall surely fall. I will redeem the voice of those that cry out for Me, to them shall I send you.

            Second wind:

Turn your ear to hear again what is in the wind and write.


Every creature shall see Me and know I am the Lord. Every tongue of pride and contempt shall be shut. But with the tongue of the righteous will I speak through my people who know My Name. The voice of the loud, hear naught the quietness of My coming. But in the ear of those that seek Me, My coming is as the sound of thunder and lightning. Tell the saints to prepare their mouth with My words. For I will shake also My house to see what words are in it. Take heed that none deceive you through vain glory, having clouds without water.

            Third wind:

Turn your ear again to hear what is in the wind and write.


Lord, I hear a horn…the sound of a ram’s horn. The horn said unto me, “Be alert. Stay steady. The Captain approaches; His hair is white like wool; His eyes flames of fire; His feet like fine brass; and His voice as the sound of many waters; His countenance as the sun shining in its strength. Out of His mouth comes a two-edged sword. Unto the saints is given power and authority at the announcement of His name.” I hear the horn declaring His victory.

            Fourth wind:

Turn your ear again to hear what is in the wind and write.


Tell the seeds of prayer to spring forth and the fruit thereof, for there is an abundance of deliverance on the way. The abundance of the manifestation of My grace received.


Lord, I hear the sound of the horn again!

Write thou what it says!


Sound the alarm in the holy mountain. Arise thou that sleepeth, for the Lord has come and His glory shines upon you. Open wide ye gates, be lifted up you everlasting doors, for the King of Glory has come in. Strong and mighty is He that is with you; therefore, have the tongue of the learned and speak skillfully, even as by the words of His mouth. So shall you be established in the shaking of the Lord.